An Everlasting
Symbol of Hope

Stories of Hope

“I tell their stories as a legacy for my children and grandchildren and for everyone's future generations. In many ways, the telling has been healing and has afforded me the opportunity to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to many generations, so that they may live in light rather than darkness.

The sunflower itself inspires me. They grow and follow the light. From its dark center, seeds emerge, numerous and nourishing, and create NEW sunflowers in the spring.

It is my hope that, like the seeds of the Sunflower, the stories of the Holocaust will spread all over the world, healing, teaching the importance of acceptance, understanding and the value of human rights. These I call the Seeds of Hope!”

-Kathy Grosz-Zaltas

The Craftsmanship of the Hope Sunflower Collection

The Hope Sunflower Collection is a true labor of love. Each piece is meticulously crafted in a variety of fine metals ranging from sterling silver to 14K white, rose, and yellow gold to match your aesthetic.

Rather than a flat, stylized design, the Hope Sunflower pendant has a mesmerizing, realistic effect created by petals with contours and angles. Each sunflower features 18 petals, symbolizing a long life and good luck.

Sterling silver pieces, which are infinitely wearable no matter the occasion, may be ordered with or without white sapphires and gold pieces may be ordered with or without pavé diamonds.

Our most popular collection pieces are the pendant and bracelet but you may also order lapel pins and earrings that can be worn every day or as an accent piece on special occasions.

The Hope Sunflower collection can be ordered in a small or large size, but it’s a subtle difference. Small sunflowers measure .4” across and large sunflowers measure .5” across.

The chains used in the Hope Sunflower collection are very versatile to accommodate your styling preference. Each necklace features a lobster clasp with a 1” adjustment to allow them to be worn closer to the neck or slightly dangling. Chains are available in 17”, 18” and 19” lengths. 

Hope Sunflower bracelets feature the sunflower within the middle of the design. Bracelet chain lengths range from 7”, 7.5” and 8” to accommodate any wrist.

A Hope Sunflower Makes a Lasting and Special Gift

One of the reasons the Hope Sunflower collection is so popular is due to how universally appealing it is. The size is just right for the woman who wants to add a touch of subtle elegance to her wardrobe. We have heard many of our customers say they wear theirs each and every day, as does Zaltas Fine Jewelers co-owner Kathy Zaltas! 

However, they are also the perfect price point and petite size to give for birthdays, bat mitzvahs, or to the woman who simply loves sunflowers. 

Most importantly to the Zaltas family, 20% of all proceeds of this collection are donated to HHREC.

We keep many of our Hope Sunflowers pieces in stock, others may take 1 - 4 weeks for delivery. Kindly contact Zaltas to let us know if your order needs to be expedited.