Embark on Your Engagement Ring Journey at Zaltas Fine Jewelers

Perhaps you’re at the point in your relationship where you’re ready to think about an engagement ring. You want it to be perfect! Shopping for one can be exciting and great fun, an opportunity to express your love for each other.

But it can also be an anxiety-inducing adventure. Amidst the myriad of styles that beckon and the numerous questions you likely have, it's no surprise that the quest can feel a bit overwhelming.

Where can you find guidance? Look no further than Zaltas Fine Jewelers, nestled in the heart of Mamaroneck, New York. Here, your journey begins.

At Zaltas Fine Jewelers, we are here to help you find or create the ring of your dreams.

At Zaltas Fine Jewelers, you will discover a captivating array of engagement rings that embody uniqueness and diversity, along with classically designed engagement rings. Our selection is boundless, ranging from the elegantly understated to the organically inspired, from the cutting-edge contemporary to the romantically vintage. Rest assured, our commitment to excellence ensures that every ring within our collection is of the utmost quality!

When the time comes to embark on this remarkable journey as a couple, we assure you that you can discover that special piece within our curated selection of top-tier engagement rings.

And for those who seek an even more exclusive expression, we specialize in creating custom Engagement Rings tailored toward your unique desires and style.


Discover Not Only a Ring but the Ideal Ring at Zaltas Fine Jewelers

An engagement ring signifies more than a mere emblem of love and devotion; it embodies a promise woven between two hearts, forming an eternal circle. At Zaltas Fine Jewelers, we understand this profound significance. And so, we present ring selections or an originally created custom ring that goes beyond jewelry – they are works of physical art etching your commitment into time.

At Zaltas Fine Jewelers, your ring is more than an assembly of precious gems and metals. We are jewelers who value your story and would love to tell it in a ring meant to stand the test of time. Allow us to guide you through the process of picking out a ring, and transforming your vision into reality with a resounding "YES!"


The Perfect Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

We will take you through the process of finding the perfect diamond for your special ring. We will bring a selection of diamonds that will fit your aesthetically preferred shape and also within your comfortable price range.

We will take the time to educate you on what beautiful, sparkly, brilliant diamonds should really look like. That way, when you see those we have picked out for you to choose from, you will just know that you will be picking out a beauty! And just so you know, at Zaltas Fine Jewelers, “we only do beautiful!”

At Zaltas, we only deal with ethically sourced and sustainable diamonds. Our engagement ring diamonds are all certified as well.

 If you have inherited, or been gifted, a unique family stone you would like to use in one of our selected mountings, or if you want to create a custom ring around this stone(s), we are most delighted to help you with your inspiration, or we can offer suggestions toward that very inspiration.

Being on board with Zaltas Fine Jewelers as your engagement ring experts means you will be taken care of. We will not let you make a mistake! We are proud of saying, “Your ring will be beautiful and of great quality because we only DO Beautiful! That means we do NOT do Ugly!”


Exquisite Sustainably-Sourced Diamonds, Gemstones, and Metals for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Part of your engagement ring choice centers around selecting the right metal for your ring. Lifestyle considerations should influence this choice, whether you are hands-on in your profession, frequent the gym, or revel in the great outdoors. While gold boasts popularity as a fine metal, it's worth noting that white gold requires occasional replating. On the other hand, platinum, while a sturdier and pricier alternative, braves the elements with grace. The metal you choose should mirror your budget and the life you lead.

The same care should be taken when choosing your wedding bands. Speaking specifically of men's bands, we proudly unveil styles in alternative metals – both refined and stylish. Often these days, men opt for a formal band in a traditional metal alongside a second band in an alternative material, ideal for daily wear.

Your Uncommon Relationship Deserves an Uncommon Ring

Although we offer many fine engagement ring options, we understand that you won’t always find exactly what you’re looking for within our cases. And that’s exactly why custom design could be your answer.

Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands at Zaltas Fine Jewelers

Long before the trend toward custom design took off, Zaltas Fine Jewelers was already engaged in the creation of custom bridal jewelry. A bespoke ring showcases the very spirit of your bond, allowing you to deliberate over every facet of your ring, from the shape of your diamond to the metal selected to the diamond's setting, and even its engraving. With custom design, you can even incorporate symbols of personal significance, like a discreet gemstone in a favorite color or a cherished symbol that’s significant to your relationship. This collaborative creative process ensures your involvement so we can design a piece as distinctive and personal as the life you envision together, and the lifestyle you lead – all while remaining surprisingly affordable.

Being on board with Zaltas Fine Jewelers as your Engagement RIng designer means you will be taken care of with the highest attention to every detail and work within your price range. We will not let you make a mistake! As we are proud of saying, “Your ring will be beautiful because we ONLY DO BEAUTIFUL! We DO NOT do ugly!!”

If custom design sounds like something you’re interested in, start by setting up an appointment with our talented and knowledgeable staff.


We Care About Your Comfort

You’ll find our personal care shines through. We only show beautiful diamonds to you, ones that we have selected especially for your aesthetic and price range. We are here to assure you along every step of your diamond ring journey, from choosing the perfect diamond to the proper insurance. We promise we will set you at ease. As owner Kathy Zaltas says, “We are very picky. We only want you to have a diamond or colored stone you would be proud of. “


Our Custom-Designed Engagement Ring Process

At Zaltas Fine Jewelers, converting your engagement ring vision into an exquisite work that you will be thrilled to wear every day is now more streamlined and accessible than ever. First, we’ll meet with you for a private consultation, hearing your aspirations and ideas for your dream ring, along with a budget range you are comfortable with. Next, we’ll create a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) rendering for you to be able to see what your ring will look like, facilitating real-time adjustments. Your preferences and feedback guide the transformation, ensuring a creation that resonates.

For a comprehensive view of our custom design process, explore our custom engagement rings. Typically, the journey from concept to completion spans three to six weeks, occasionally shorter, occasionally longer. It all depends on the details. Set up your custom consultation here.

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

In recent years, colored gemstones have gained popularity in engagement ring settings, ignited by iconic figures such as Princess Diana and many Hollywood celebrities and musical superstars. Sometimes a colored stone is chosen because you just want to be different. We get that!

Zaltas Fine Jewelers offers a rainbow of precious colored gemstones that transcend convention. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are popular choices to present a departure from traditional diamonds. Fashion-forward brides gravitate toward colored diamonds from soft pinks to the rich browns of champagne, luminous yellows, and an array of other captivating hues – each rare and exquisite. An engagement ring graced with a colored gemstone signifies a departure from convention, and an opportunity to craft a statement as distinctive as your love story.


Now Trending

Engagement ring styles come and go in popularity, just like fashion. While a certain trend may speak to you, the ultimate choice for yours should remain a ring that resonates with your heart.

Oval Cut Diamonds

The brilliance of round diamonds is timeless, yet the resurgence of oval diamonds is notable. This captivating shape graces fingers, affording versatility in both vertical and horizontal settings. Beyond aesthetics, an aura of vintage charm surrounds this cut, particularly when paired with an elegantly understated band.

Rose Gold

Though Platinum and white and yellow gold hold sway as the preferred precious metals, rose gold exudes a distinctive allure. This trend, steeped in femininity and charm, has graced the scene for several years, evoking the essence of romance in every piece.

Colored Gemstones

A legacy that traces back to the iconic blue sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana and other royals, colored gemstones continue to captivate hearts. Zaltas Fine Jewelers welcomes you to explore engagement rings adorned with colored gemstones that transcend the ordinary.


Why settle for a solitary wedding band when you can embrace the trend of stackables? Zaltas Fine Jewelers has bands that gracefully complement "tiara" style counterparts, forming intricate half-halos around center stones. Stackable bands also make the perfect anniversary gift!

3-Stone Rings

The always classic 3-stone ring is a timeless configuration that has resurged in popularity. Just look at the ring Prince Harry created for Meghan Markle. This arrangement, symbolizing the past, present, and future, offers multiple interpretations – three equally sized diamonds or a prominent center stone flanked by two smaller counterparts. Our take? Why settle for one diamond when you can revel in the sparkle of three!

Split Shanks

A split shank band, characterized by parallel bands that cradle a diamond or gemstone, is another standout choice. This setting suspends the center diamond while it glistens with grace. It merges classic aesthetics with contemporary flair.

Minimalist Round

Eternally elegant, the minimalist round diamond setting embodies a classic look that withstands the test of time. Centered around a resplendent brilliant round diamond, this design captivates through its simplicity, catering to the bride-to-be who seeks understated beauty without compromise.

Regardless of the ring you ultimately choose, at Zaltas Fine Jewelers, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect one to celebrate your extraordinary relationship.